Scientific and Holistic Investigation of Nutritional Endocrinology (SHINE) Conference: 2016 – Mastering Functional Assessments to Transform Lives

Scientific and Holistic Investigation of Nutritional Endocrinology
S.H.I.N.E. Conference 2016

Mastering Functional Assessments to Transform Lives

For decades, Dr. Ritamarie (MS, DC, CCN, DACBN) has helped thousands of clients using her system of nutritional endocrinology to help people overcome the challenges of converting to a healthy lifestyle and transform from flabby, foggy, and fatigued into fit, focused and full of energy.

Through the SHINE Conference, Dr. Ritamarie is reaching out to help other practitioners spread this method so that more lives can transform and more practitioners can achieve the success they desire.

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About the SHINE Conference

SHINE Conference Superstar PractitionerWhat you need to short-cut your path to success is the support and guidance of a mentor and a community to facilitate your growth and expansion.

You’ll actually CREATE and EXPERIENCE a huge shift in your perspective and way of serving your clients during the intensive 3-day SHINE workshop.

Learn essential strategies that will take your practice to a new and more rewarding level – deeply connected with your purpose for becoming a health practitioner in the first place.

These changes are very unlikely to just happen on their own, unless you spend a couple of decades like I did, putting it all together.

Let me shorten your journey to success in your business.

You need a catalyst; what I’ve created in this conference just
may be the shining spark you’ve been waiting for.

Learn to SHINE with tough cases, go beyond the basics, and set yourself apart in your community as a Shining Star health coach who is the “go-to” person for getting results.

Our current healthcare industry is broken.

Operating on a Band-Aid paradigm, it treats symptoms rather than seeking root causes, using drugs to make people feel better without actually healing what’s wrong.

Consider these numbers – quite staggering if you ask me:

  • Nearly half of all Americans — 133 million — have a chronic condition, and the US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that number will climb to about 157 million Americans by 2020.
  • In the US, 78% of healthcare dollars are spent on behalf of people with chronic conditions, according to an article by Gerard Anderson, MD, in the June 2004 issue of Public Health Reports.
  • The Thyroid Federation International estimates that there are as many as 300 million people worldwide suffering from thyroid dysfunctions.
  • 60 to 70 million people are affected by digestive diseases.

Why are we so sick?

As a whole, humans are sick thanks to chronic high stress levels that result from our fast-paced society, as well as “convenience” diets, which are high in fat, sugar, and processed foods.

More importantly, what can we do about it?

We can empower our clients with the best tools science has to offer, so they can find and repair the root causes of their symptoms. When we do, they can finally achieve true health and vitality.

We can say good-bye to the Band-Aid approach, and together we can build a new paradigm, one where we focus on using science to assess what’s really going on – and then take steps to restore balance.

The catch: to get different results, you must do things differently.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

At SHINE 2016, I’ll share exactly what you need to know to master the art of functional assessments so you can get straight to the root of your clients’ biggest problems … and restore balance and true healing.

SHINE 2016 Event Topics:

Day 1: Evaluate

Gut Brain Connection - analyze

Have you ever felt frustrated or at a loss when a patient approaches you with mysterious symptoms and you don’t know how to help? Have you ever worked with a client who’s doing everything right, but still not achieving true vitality? If so, I’m confident that this year’s SHINE will bring you some relief.

Here, you’ll learn how to use nutritional endocrinology to determine what’s going wrong, and when to begin using functional assessments to that end. As the “master controller” of the body, when the endocrine system is out of balance, it can cause many seemingly unrelated symptoms. The good news is that science has provided you with the tools to identify and address imbalances so you can guide your clients back to health.

  • The right way to take a client’s history so you get 75-90% of the information you need right away.
  • How to determine when to use functional testing, and precisely which tests to order, and in which order, so you can easily create a healing protocol based on test results.
  • How to get access to functional lab testing, even if you’re not a physician.
  • The importance of blood chemistry testing, and how to evaluate blood chemistry to identify imbalances and begin healing.
  • How to incorporate assessment principles from Eastern and ancient traditions, including Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and reflex points.
  • What you can and can’t say when it comes to functional testing: important legal considerations you’ll definitely want to know.
  • And so much more.

Day 2: Analyze


This is where the rubber meets the road. Here, we’ll talk about the power of specific assessments when it comes to discovering what’s causing your patients’ and clients’ symptoms. We’ll also talk about how to analyze the results of those assessments, case by case. For example, did you know that reference ranges, which determine a “normal” result on blood tests, are different from location to location, and even lab to lab, and in most cases are calculated as 2 standard deviations on either side of “average”?

You may have seen this at work in your practice: a patient comes in complaining about sluggishness and low energy, and you think it may be thyroid-related. You order tests, and her numbers come back “normal.” Yet, she still doesn’t feel like herself. At SHINE, you’ll learn which specific tests to ask for, and how to determine whether a patient’s results are truly “normal” for that specific person.

  • A step-by-step guide to using functional laboratory tests and clinical assessment tools to identify imbalances and create plans for your clients.
  • A comprehensive review of the most important functional lab tests including how to order and interpret them.
  • Key strategies for identifying and restoring balance to the specific nutrients that impact hormone balance and optimal function.
  • Practical applications and real-life case studies to illustrate what you’re learning.
  • And more.

Day 3: Incorporate

Gut Brain Connection - analyze

This is where we put it all together so you know exactly how to implement your new knowledge and use the tools to which I’ll introduce you. I want you to go home ready to hit the ground running, helping your clients solve their toughest health challenges.

  • How to restore optimal functioning to key areas in your client’s body, based on the results you get from the testing you perform, so he or she can experience greater vitality and joy.
  • Strategies for guiding your clients to balance through the foundational pillars of unstoppable health.
  • Specific tests you can complete in the office, or instruct your patients to perform at home, as well as how to easily analyze them in minutes.
  • How to teach your clients to test their own blood sugar whether they’re at home or out and about.
  • A step-by-step system for analyzing every case that you see.
  • How to get started when you arrive back at your practice, and how to attract clients using your new knowledge.
  • And more.

SHINE 2016 Speakers

Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Predicting, Identifying, and Arresting the Mechanisms of Autoimmune Disease: Beyond ‘One Drug, One Target’ Treatment

Dr Tom O'Bryan

The #3 cause of morbidity and mortality in the industrialized world is auto-immune disease, surpassed only by cancer and heart disease. The ‘triad of autoimmune progression’ includes genetic vulnerability, environmental antigen exposure, and loss of barrier integrity. This presentation will address the paradigm shift in autoimmune disease management and prevention strategies via the diagnosis and treatment of genome/epigenome damage with specific dietary and nutritional interventions.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop leader specializing in the complications of Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, and Autoimmune Disease as they occur inside and outside of the intestines.

He is the founder of He is the visionary behind the paradigm-shifting The Gluten Summit – A Grain of Truth, bringing together 29 of the world’s experts on the gluten connection to diseases, disorders, a wide-range of symptoms and ages.

Learn More: and

Dr. Anna Cabeca – Test, Don’t Guess – Your Life Depends On It!

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Helping our clients get healthy is a delightful, arduous challenge, especially when they are hormonal, burned out, and witchy! Key, simple, and quick testing are vital to compliance, motivation, and guidance. We will address key serum markers, hormone testing, criteria for determining when saliva and urine testing are beneficial, as well as client self-tests.

Dr. Anna Cabeca, the researcher and developer behind Mighty Maca™ Greens, is a board certified Gynecologist and Obstetrician, as well as board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, an expert in Functional Medicine, and an expert in women’s health. She specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and natural alternatives, successful menopause, and age management medicine.

Dr. Cabeca frequently lectures nationally and internationally regarding restorative health and women’s health issues. She is a consultant and trainer for other physicians in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Functional Medicine Principles.

She is the co-creator of the Sexy Younger You! telesummit and the creator of the highly acclaimed virtual transformational programs: and Her all new program launched in June 2016.

Learn More: and

Dr. David Weinthal – The 911 Patient Assessment with Chinese Medicine

Dr. Anna Cabeca

Learn to use the 10 Question Assessment to dial into your client’s key issues. Discover how the tongue and ear confirm your client’s state of health.

David Weinthal, DOM, LAc, is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Licensed Acupuncturist. Dr. Weinthal is passionate about empowering his patients to achieve optimal health using natural medicine. He has trained extensively both in the United States (Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, Academy of Five Elements) and China (Beijing University Hospital); has over 17 years of experience as an acupuncturist; and is a Master Herbalist, raw food chef, and spiritual teacher. Using an eclectic approach, he combines the best of acupuncture, herbal medicine, food as medicine, and esoteric healing to transform not only your health, but also your spirit. Dr Weinthal is the founder and creator of the online High Vibrational Living Summit, a series of 36 interviews with experts on health, wellness, and spirituality. He also authored an e-book and instructional video, Awakening the Soul, on stress reduction using Qigong and meditation..


Steph Jackson – Assessing Digestion: Getting to the Root of Inflammation and Dysbiosis

Steph Jackson

Learn which tests to use, when to use them, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can help your client. Learn the 5 most important questions to ask your clients about digestion and discover how doing the right gut test can make all the difference for chronic conditions all over the body.

Steph Jackson Crave Conscious yogurt company founder, teacher, and writer guides revolutionary health enthusiasts and educators as they change the face of personal care and health care by rebuilding their digestion and immunity with functional probiotics and nutrition.

She loves wildcrafting, fermenting, and geeking out just a little in her programs and personal life. After healing her own chronic pain and fatigue, she is a fierce friend and mentor for you to do the same for yourself and your clients.


Toni St. Clair – Transition to Transformation: Empower Your Clients to Shift from Self-Sabotage to Self-Compliance

Toni St. Clair

You’ve FINALLY gotten to the root cause of your client’s health issues BUT your client seems “stuck” in sabotaging behavior. How do you move them from self-sabotage to self-compliance? Learn impactful strategies to help guide your clients to ACTUALLY shift their focus and behavior to make the health and lifestyle changes you recommend and they deserve!

Toni St. Clair is a functional nutrition coach, plant-based nutrition educator, wellness consultant, and motivational speaker. She is an expert in guiding people to transition
to transformation She has received multiple but interrelated certifications as a live food chef and instructor, plant-based nutrition educator, hatha yoga teacher, and natural eyesight improvement teacher, and she is currently a certification candidate at the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology. Toni is the creator and host of the popular 2015 Your Life In Balance Summit and the companion Your Life In Balance Go-To Guide.

Toni has the skills, training, and tools to help you balance your health and transform your life by meeting you where you are to get you where you want to be. Her approach is to provide her clients with skills and resources to make sustainable changes in a manner and pace that is affordable and practical.


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